Vision and Values

John Wimber said: “Values affect what we think and, consequently, what we do.”

Our values are an intrinsic part of us, yet we are seldom conscious of them or the influence they have on our behavior. Values are an expression of our heart, pearls of great price, the things most treasured in our lives. Our highest values will often be non-negotiable, but all of our values will drive how we fulfill our purpose and how we minister.

We Value:

  • Passionate Pursuit of God
  • Being Spirit Attentive
  • Practical Biblical Teaching and Discipleship
  • Prayer and Prayer Ministry
  • People and Relationship
  • Servant-hood and Generosity
  • Unity and The Church
  • Mercy and Justice
  • Simplicity and Authenticity
  • Culturally Contextualized Ministry

The Mission of MVCC:

Helping people connect to God … connect to one another … connect to the world