Youth Fundraising for Haiti

Deb and Gloria have arraigned for us to sell Christmas ornaments that are hand made in Haiti to benefit Haitian parents and an elementary school in Carrefour, Haiti for $10.00 each. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to these ministries. Our kids will selling them it in their schools, workplaces, friends/family connections. Please see Gloria if you have any questions this and/or would like to purchase some ornaments too.

Men of Valor 2016 Equipping Conference

LIFE in our sexualized society is fraught with danger temptations are everywhere and destructive messages and content are channeled directly into our homes. Men of Valor provides tools, resources, support and encouragement, equipping men to lead lives of grace and integrity.

Saturday November 19th 8am to 1pm
Trinity Baptist Church
3 Lund Road
Nashua NH

Early bird pricing available thru Nov. 10 and special father son pricing is available.

for more info and to pre-register online please go to

Sunday Stealth Crew

Manchester Vineyard is looking for committed Sunday production crew members who want to create and contribute to an experience of excellence on Sunday mornings. Join this exciting opportunity to exalt the Lord Jesus through song, sacrament, and sermon. Those interested should possess the following qualities:

1. Desire to be part of a regular, predictable team-based rotation.
2. Desire to learn how to properly operate sound, lighting and visual media equipment and technology.
3. Desire to and focus on supporting the worship service and its various elements through active, careful interaction and attention, reducing distractions and enabling the flow of ministry.
4. Desire to grow as a disciple of Jesus and as a member of his church at Manchester Vineyard.

Does this sound like you? Fill out the form to let us know!

2016 Fall Renewal Conference at Manchester Vineyard

Join us as we learn how our perspective on God as our Father makes all the difference as we minister to others in the power of the Kingdom of God. Special guest Phill Urena, from Mosaic Vineyard Church, will be preaching and demonstrating Spirit-led ministry that bases itself squarely in the truth of Christian identity.

Friday, November 11 – Sunday, November 13

Nov 11 at 6 PM to Nov 13 at 12 PM
Manchester Vineyard
150 Dow St, Manchester, New Hampshire 03101
Fill out this form to register and let us know you’re planning on attending!