Facets – The Main and the Plain

This week at Manchester Vineyard we talked about “The Main & The Plain” In our current series on what it means to be Vineyard we are including what we call “Vineyard’s Distinctives”. If you are interested in exploring them a bit here is an excellent talk by John & Eleanor Mumford, Vineyard UK’s National Directors. Continue reading “Facets – The Main and the Plain”

John Wimber: I’m A Fool for Christ

Join us this Sunday as we continue the sermon series Facets – What it means to be Vineyard.

Additionally as part of our new teaching series FACETS – “What it Means to be Vineyard” you might want to take the time to listen to John Wimber the founder of the Vineyard Movements testimony. Its funny and will even help you understand what the Vineyard is all about.

John Wimber: I’m A Fool for Christ from Vineyard Church on Vimeo.