2nd Annual Adult Prom

Join us on Friday June 2, at 7pm (Doors open at 630pm)
All proceeds of this Adult Prom will go to Youth events this summer, including a field day event for RocA KiDz!!!

There will be appetizer type foods, desserts and drinks. Photo Booth, and a 50:50 Door prize as well as a raffle for some area GCs.
Tickets are on sale at the door for $25 per person. BUY ahead for $25 for one, or $45 for two!!!

Feel free to donate more to the fundraiser!!! THESE kids are worth it!!!!

Tickets on sale here.

Facets – The Main and the Plain

This week at Manchester Vineyard we talkedĀ about “The Main & The Plain” In our current series on what it means to be Vineyard we are including what we call “Vineyard’s Distinctives”. If you are interested in exploring them a bit here is an excellent talk by John & Eleanor Mumford, Vineyard UK’s National Directors. Continue reading “Facets – The Main and the Plain”