Pre K – 2nd Grade Classroom

Children 3 years 9 months (1st Sept. following this age) to Sept. of 3rd grade

This is a multi-age classroom in which we rotate the children through a Craft Station, A Get Up and Move Station (games/activities) and a Story Time. We use a centers based curriculum on a regular basis and incorporate custom lessons seasonally for Advent and Easter.

We try to emphasize the Church School approach, to help the children remain in learning mode, while still having fun and interacting with their teachers and each other. Manchester Vineyard encourages all ages to pray for one another’s needs. We help them learn to listen to God. We begin practicing this on a regular basis with children in this classroom. Our teachers spend 2 weeks in a row with the children, which enables them to spend focused time on each lesson topic and modify the lessons as needed, to reach each child’s learning style.