Connection Groups

connection-group-pic2.jpgConnection Groups are small groups that meet in homes during the week for a 12 week semester. They’re a place where we grow in our faith and learn together, a place where we develop new and lasting friendships. We believe that one of the best ways to grow in our faith is to do it together in community, in a casual and relaxed setting.

This is where we share life together and apply God’s truth to our lives. It is where we hold each other accountable, build unity, develop healthy relationships and practice hospitality. It is also the practice ground where we learn to use our God-given gifts. We learn how to better support each other through difficult times and rejoice with each others’ successes.

Our Connection Groups are semester based, with a variety of topics to choose from. There are 3 semesters each year and each semester is 12 weeks long. They are relational and personal … and they’re fun!

Fall 2009 Semester Group signups are now closed. Watch for signups for next semester in late January 2010!

Interested in leading a Connection Group?

Here are a few things you can do to help prepare you:

  • If you haven’t already, join a Connection Group (watch for signups for next semester in late January 2010!)
  • Sign up for our MVCC/Discovery 101 Class.
  • Be a coordinator for a Connection Group.
  • Talk with other Connection Group leaders about your desire to lead a Connection Group.
  • Pray for the group.
  • Attend the MVCC 301 /Connection Group Leadership Training series

These will give you valuable tools that you’ll need to lead a Connection Group.